Ep 5: Ready Player One

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Level up with Dan and Jeff as they tackle Ernest Cline’s blockbuster debut Ready Player One. This episode is rife with conflict as the boys joust over the ever-troublesome second act.
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2 thoughts on “Ep 5: Ready Player One

  1. Great episode on Ready Player One. Loved the breakdown of the story. My only real issue with the story is the deus ex machina near the end, when suddenly a new pristine set of rigs is available, along with a safe base, just when it’s needed… but that said, it works like any ‘80s film/tale did too. Thanks for this show!

    1. Thanks, Nate. I bumped on that, too…you could argue that Parzival earned Ogden Morrow’s intervention by taking on IOI at great personal risk. He didn’t have any help with that. Still, it would have made Act III even more tense if Aech had to drive them all around the RV while they fought the Sixers.

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