Ep 4: The American President

The stakes are high in this episode as Jeff and Dan once again butt heads about who’s the protagonist. But the real action comes in the middle of Act II when one of our beloved hosts turns out to be completely wrong—about everything. Jeff gushes about Joshua Malina and The West Wing Weekly, and Dan whips out his own Gene Hackman impression. With heated conflict, themed libations, upgraded sound effects, and an entirely new segment, Episode 4 is not to be missed!



Show Notes & Links

Brew Free! or Die IPA by 21st Amendment Brewery

Brew Free or Die!

The West Wing Weekly (Jeff’s Favorite Podcast)

Joshua Malina’s IMdB Page


Corrections & Retractions:
  • Jeff meant to say “la petite mort,” not “le petit mort.” He apologizes for his rusty French.


Coming Next: Ready Player One, written by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


2 thoughts on “Ep 4: The American President

  1. In this episode, my favorite word used by Jeff is “hornswagled!” I look forward to the use of “shenanigans” in a future podcast!

    1. I was shocked to discover the actual spelling is “hornswoggled.” And I just used the word in a manuscript; let’s see if it makes the final edit.

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