Ep 12: Alien

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  Board the Nostromo with Dan and Jeff as they latch onto the face of Ridley Scott’s 1979 Sci-Fi Horror film, Alien.   Show Notes & Links Go see Instant Family immediately!   Then read Dan’s review of My Italian Bulldozer. Then watch this abysmal trailer for 1990’s Hamlet. Or this one for The Journey of Natty […]

Ep 11: The Dark Knight

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Approach the innermost Batcave with Dan & Jeff as they take on Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-Winning Batman epic The Dark Knight. (Send throat lozenges.)   Show Notes & Links Here’s that documentary we mentioned, I Am Heath Ledger. And the correct way to pronounce Maggie’s last name:   Ace Joker Cider   Coming Next: Alien

Episode 10: Rear Window

Ep 10: Rear Window

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 Brace yourselves for intrigue, analysis, and Dan’s terrible, terrible Jimmy Stewart impression as the boys peer into Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.   Show Notes & Links The book Ms. Fremont is reading at the end of the film? it’s Beyond the High Himalayas by William O. Douglas   Freemont Interurban IPA Regarding the unidentified “chunks” […]

Ep 8: The Rock

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Join Jeff and Dan as they assault one of their favorite 90s action films, The Rock.   Show Notes & Links Indio is in Riverside County, where Jeff does not now (and has literally never) lived. So, in no way is Vanessa Marcil his “homegirl.” Mason Aleworks Jambi West Coast IPA   Coming Next: The […]

Ep 6: Field of Dreams

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 Step into the dugout with Dan & Jeff as they take on the 1989 classic Field of Dreams. In this ep, the boys take another swing at their ongoing disagreement about what exactly the Ordeal is.     Show Notes & Links Wait, who is Gaby Hoffman again? She’s the actress who won the […]

Ep 5: Ready Player One

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Level up with Dan and Jeff as they tackle Ernest Cline’s blockbuster debut Ready Player One. This episode is rife with conflict as the boys joust over the ever-troublesome second act. Show Notes & Links Ready Player One Playlist (Spotify)         COMING NEXT: FIELD OF DREAMS, WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY PHIL ALDEN ROBINSON

Ep 4: The American President

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The stakes are high in this episode as Jeff and Dan once again butt heads about who’s the protagonist. But the real action comes in the middle of Act II when one of our beloved hosts turns out to be completely wrong—about everything. Jeff gushes about Joshua Malina and The West Wing Weekly, and Dan […]

Ep 3: The Handmaid’s Tale

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Join Dan and Jeff as they tackle Margaret Atwood’s time-bending, highly relevant dystopian masterpiece, The Handmaid’s Tale. There’s so little overlap in their analyses, it’s hard to believe they read the same book.     Show Notes & Links Habit Cabernet Franc   Corrections & Retractions: Yes, Jeff is aware that he did a Yoda impression […]